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Installment loans are easy to apply and get and suit to cover any personal needs in the amounts from $1,000 to $5,000. You get money fast. Just start an online application now, compare the options, and receive the funding within 1 - 2 working days.

Long-term Installment Loans with monthly payments seem to be more affordable and convenient for those who doubt their ability to repay the money within a month.
You can consider Installment Loans for bad credit and no credit and in most cases, you'll get guaranteed approval online.

Installment loans are closed-ended credit accounts that you repay over a predetermined time period. They might or might not have interest. Continue reading to discover more about installment loans and how they operate.


How Installment Loans Work

A lump amount of money borrowed under an installment loan is paid back over a number of months or years in payments, or installments. Installment loans can be unsecured or secured with collateral, such as a vehicle.

Because you take the money all at once with an installment loan, they operate differently from revolving credit, such as the kind you get from a credit card or home equity line of credit. Without requesting a new credit, you are not eligible for more funding. Additionally, unlike payday loans, which demand complete repayment from your following salary, installment loans give you time to repay the loan.


Obtaining an Installment Loan

  • Compare. It pays to evaluate installment loans from a variety of lenders because they all have different criteria for assessing your loan application and determining your rate. Especially for large expenditures, take into account alternative financing options like low-interest credit cards or lines of credit.
  • Pre-qualify. You can view possible loan amounts, rates, and payments by becoming pre-qualified for an installment loan from PitriLoans or pre-approved for a mortgage without having your credit score affected. The effect of the payments on your budget can then be evaluated.
  • Strengthen your application. Consider a joint or co-signed loan or use collateral to obtain an unsecured loan before you apply. These choices might make it easier for you to qualify, get a better deal, or get a bigger loan. Just be aware that there are repercussions if you are unable to pay back the loan, including the possibility of the collateral being taken.
  • Apply. Banks, credit unions, and internet lenders all provide installment loans. Application times differ depending on the sort of loan and the lender.


Bad Credit Installment Financing

It's possible for borrowers with weak or poor credit (below 630 FICO) profiles to be approved for an installment loan. Some lenders have less stringent credit score requirements and take other factors like bank account activity, employment and previous debts into consideration. While banks typically require good to outstanding credit, credit unions and online lenders may work with borrowers who have bad credit.

If you include someone with a higher salary or credit score on your application, you might have a better chance of getting approved or paying a lower rate. A co-borrower on an installment loan has equitable access to the funds and loan details. A co-signer is not permitted to use the borrowing funds. Both times, your co-applicant will be held liable if you are unable to pay back the loan.

A secured loan may be simpler to qualify for because pledging collateral, such as a vehicle or savings account, gives the lender something valuable to take if you stop making payments. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of using the asset as security for a loan.



  • Fast and easy online application process.
  • Quick same day funding.
  • Simple basic requirements.
  • Available for bad credit.
  • No credit check Installment Loans.
  • Affordable rates and fees.
  • Flexible terms.

Installment loans from PitriLoans may allow you to quickly access the funds you require for larger expenditures. With an installment loan, you are aware of the sum of each installment. And that may facilitate planning.

You might be given the opportunity to remortgage if rates drop or if your credit score rises. Your regular payments or repayment period might be shortened as a result. Refinancing may come with additional expenses and disadvantages, so keep that in mind.


When Is It Wise to Take Out an Installment Loan?

Here are three scenarios in which getting an installment credit with PitriLoans may be wise:

  • Consolidation of debt: An installment loan can combine multiple unsecured obligations, such as high-interest loans and credit cards with revolving credit, into a single, set payment each month. If the new interest rate is less than the total interest rate on the debts you're consolidating, getting a debt consolidation loan may be a good option.
  • There are many financing options available for home renovations, but if you know how much money you'll need and are eligible for a low interest rate, an installment loan might be a good option.
  • Emergency situations: An installment credit shouldn't be your first option because they can be expensive. Instead, take into account options with low or no cost of interest. However, if you have a strategy for making your payments and require cash quickly, an installment loan may be able to assist you.


The Bottom Line

An installment loan from PitriLoans may be a choice in a variety of circumstances, including consolidating debt and making a significant purchase. It may also have the additional benefit of raising your credit score if you are able to make the payments on time and repay the loan as planned—and your account is reported to the credit agencies.

If the installment loan you're considering applying for has interest, bear in mind that you might be given a lower interest rate if you have good credit. Furthermore, even with ordinary or below-average credit, you might still be able to get financing, though it might have a higher interest rate.

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